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Bitcoin and Ether Hit Fresh Highs

Bitcoin and Ether, the top two cryptocurrencies by market cap have continued to reach new heights coming off of a fresh rally. Right before the time of this release, the price of 1 BTC had set a new record of $57,824.00. Having traded sideways since Monday, prices started to lift...


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, created and held electronically.  Bitcoins aren’t printed, like Dollars or Riyals and isn’t controlled by a central bank. Anyone can produce them by running software that processes mathematical problems verifying transactions on the network. It can be used to purchase merchandise, for international payments or as...

What is Bitcoin mining? 0

What is Bitcoin mining?

In fiat money systems, governments print more money when they need to. But in bitcoin, money isn’t printed at all – it is mined. Using computers and specialized software miners solve math problems that process bitcoin transactions and are rewarded with bitcoins in exchange. How does mining work? People send...

How do Bitcoin Transactions Work? 0

How do Bitcoin Transactions Work?

What happens when one person sends a Bitcoin from one electronic wallet to another? Every single transaction is digitally signed for security, everyone on the network is informed and anyone can trace the history of the transaction right back to the point of when the Bitcoin was first produced. Today,...


Bitcoin trading starts on CME Exchange

Bitcoin has taken another giant leap forward towards the mainstream market. Trading began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today. The value of a coin hit $20,000 on Sunday, before drifting down to around $19,000. Recently, Chicago’s CBOE exchange began Bitcoin futures trading and set a higher price, but CME is...

How Can I Secure My Bitcoin Wallet? 0

How Can I Secure My Bitcoin Wallet?

Since Bitcoin is decentralized, there is no authority to turn to if something happens to your Bitcoins. So, you must take measures to make your Bitcoin wallet more secure. Use Encryption Choose a strong password to encrypt it and keep it away from prying eyes. Make sure your computer is...

Why Bitcoin Matters?

A strange new digital currency produced by anonymous researchers appears out of nowhere and the world goes crazy over it. Yes, we are talking about bitcoin! Bitcoin trading in Dubai is supposedly the new trend. Nowadays, you might be hearing many people talking about cryptocurrencies and stuff like that. Let...

Bitcoin for Beginners in Middle East

A few years back Bitcoin, was literally worth nothing. But that fact is a thing of the past; its current value is more than 7000 US dollars. Bitcoin is decentralized which means that it is not owned by a central bank or a government. Bitcoin trading is simple and the...

How to Avoid Losses When Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuates

Are you one of those unlucky crypto investors that bought Bitcoin in December 2017 at its all time high price of $20,000 and are now worried with the crash that’s reduced its price to $6000? You do not need to be worried. Do you know this is Bitcoin’s 314th death...

How to Store your Bitcoins?

How to Store your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin wallets are the place where you can store your Bitcoins. Every wallet has private keys that give you access to the bitcoin address. A wallet can come in many different forms and are designed for a variety of devices. You can even use paper wallet if you’d like. There...

Bitcoin (BTC) $ 38,930.00 1.60%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 2,570.11 1.83%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 289.22 0.93%
EOS (EOS) $ 1.99 0.79%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 104.89 1.78%
Cardano (ADA) $ 0.79484 2.10%
Stellar (XLM) $ 0.184676 2.06%
IOTA (MIOTA) $ 0.716689 3.29%
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00 0.08%
TRON (TRX) $ 0.060399 0.66%
Monero (XMR) $ 171.43 4.95%
NEO (NEO) $ 20.18 2.83%
Dash (DASH) $ 96.58 7.21%
BNB (BNB) $ 373.93 0.16%
Ethereum Classic (ETC) $ 26.64 0.67%
NEM (XEM) $ 0.094381 2.58%
VeChain (VET) $ 0.046594 1.73%