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Different Types of Ethereum Wallets

You have to find a place to store Ether before you start Ethereum trading in UAE. That place has a proper name and it is called a wallet. Basically, a wallet is software that lets you check your balance, conduct transactions and store your funds. Traditional physical wallets are quite...

Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide

If you are someone from the Middle East and interested in the trade of cryptocurrencies, then the first thing what you really need to think about is where to store your digital currency even BEFORE you buy the currency. Read on to learn more about how and where to store...

How to secure your Bitcoin wallet

Storing your Bitcoin is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself even before you invest in Bitcoins or other crypto currencies. Bitcoins are not hard cash and cannot be put in bank accounts; it is a form of digital currency or digital asset. Bitcoins are stored in...

Top 4 Bitcoin Security Tips

Whether you want to buy Bitcoins, or wish to get a Bitcoin wallet, you need to consider the security factors. A safe and secure transaction should always be your top priority. If you don’t pay attention to the security risks, you might lose all your coins. In this article, Bitcoin...

Best NEO Wallets

Have you decided to purchase NEO? If you have, then the next step you need to take is to engage an exchange and buy it. Due to cybercriminals targeting even the best cryptocurrency exchanges, it is risky to store your valuable NEO in an exchange. Fortunately, there are several excellent...

Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet

Securing your Bitcoin wallet is as important as buying Bitcoins from a reliable trader. Hackers and scammers are everywhere and they will exploit you whenever they can. So you should not provide them with a chance to steal your coins. Nobody likes to lose money, which in this case is...

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Wallet

After you buy Bitcoins, you need a Bitcoin wallet to secure your coins. Choosing the right Bitcoin wallet is important and this step should be taken seriously because you have invested your hard-earned money in Bitcoins. In this article, we will guide you to select the most suitable wallet from...

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