Category: Technical Analysis

What Is VeChain?

Are you looking to invest in a promising cryptocurrency in UAE or KSA? Several cryptocurrencies have received considerable praise in the last few months and one of the leading cryptocurrency amongst them is VeChain. Problem Products are delivered to customers through complicated and ineffective supply chain processes. It goes from...

Technical Analysis of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

In Dubai’s cryptocurrency market, various tools are used by traders to assess the financial value of a specific cryptocurrency at a specific time. By doing technical analysis, crypto traders can isolate important trends and understand the market in a better way. The data obtained from this analysis can help the...

What Is IOTA and the Technology Behind It?

IOTA is gaining popularity across Dubai UAE and rest of the Middle East so we decided it is now time for a good review. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are trying to revolutionize the world through Blockchain technology. Interestingly, there has been a leading cryptocurrency IOTA that is taking...

What Is Zcash and Why Zcash Is a Good Investment Opportunity

The key objective of cryptocurrencies was to provide transparency to individuals and businesses. However, not everyone is comfortable with so much openness. Some people require the need of privacy-based cryptocurrencies for transactions, a feature that is not provided by the traditional banks and financial institutions as well as other cryptocurrencies....

OneGram Coin Review

As cryptocurrencies have gained prominence in the West, investors in arab countries, especially the Middle East, felt a need for their own cryptocurrency that can help them work with Islamic Finance. Since there wasn’t an option available, businesses and individuals hesitated to use cryptocurrencies. However, this changed through the advent...

What Is Stellar and Why Should You Invest In Stellar?

When Satoshi Nakamoto announced Bitcoin in 2009, the main motivation behind the cryptocurrency was to replace the currencies that ran on traditional models and offer a peer-to-peer payment solution that can not only facilitate faster and secure transactions but also offer decentralization or the absence of a central monitoring authority....

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