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Watchout! New Crypto Kids On The Block (Chain)- Aniko

Aniko is an exciting and compelling project about to hit the market. This project will leverage the power and exploding popularity of crypto technology to drive and deliver real benefits in the financial world. These benefits are not restricted to mass corporations or investors but will have a genuine benefit...


What is an Ethereum Smart Contract?

Smart contracts is a new technology made possible by Ethereum on its public blockchain. A standard contract usually outlines the terms of a relationship which is enforceable by law.   However, a smart contract enforces the terms with a cryptographic code and cuts out the middleman. The idea was first...


Bitcoin trading starts on CME Exchange

Bitcoin has taken another giant leap forward towards the mainstream market. Trading began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today. The value of a coin hit $20,000 on Sunday, before drifting down to around $19,000. Recently, Chicago’s CBOE exchange began Bitcoin futures trading and set a higher price, but CME is...

ICOs are going Mainstream

There’s a lot in store for ICOs in 2018. It won’t be limited to silicon valley hotshots and startups. Recently, there was a major US Senate hearing on cryptocurrencies. Senator Giancarlo recounted how his young nieces were curious in investing through ICOs. They did not care much for the traditional...

What Dubai offers to the Crypto economy

Dubai may be a little late in joining the crypto revolution but it has its own style of catching up with the developments in the crypto world. Dubai is spending tremendously on innovation and Blockchain technology initiatives to emerge as a global leader for international trade. After Dubai declared crypto...

3 Cyberattacks in Cryptocurrency Exchanges that Serve as a Lesson for Traders

Many users in the Middle East tend to store their cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. But have you considered the possibility of your cryptocurency exchange getting hacked? As cryptocurrencies started to offer the world an easy and quick way to exchange  money, cybercriminals realized that that they had one more target...

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