Author: Khaled

3 Cyberattacks in Cryptocurrency Exchanges that Serve as a Lesson for Traders

Many users in the Middle East tend to store their cryptocurrencies on different exchanges. But have you considered the possibility of your cryptocurency exchange getting hacked? As cryptocurrencies started to offer the world an easy and quick way to exchange  money, cybercriminals realized that that they had one more target...

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

People in the Middle East have not only profited through cryptocurrency trading, they have also earned from cryptocurrencies by “mining” them. The term “mining” is generally used with natural resources like oil and gas when they are extracted from the Earth’s crust for consumption of human and machine resources. Cryptocurrency...

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in UAE

If you are a UAE resident and have made your mind up to invest in cryptcurrencies, then one of the biggest confusions you are faced with is selecting a cryptocurrency exchange. Choosing a reliable cryptocurrency here is necessary. Many exchanges in the past have engaged in fraudulent practices which have...

Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide

If you are someone from the Middle East and interested in the trade of cryptocurrencies, then the first thing what you really need to think about is where to store your digital currency even BEFORE you buy the currency. Read on to learn more about how and where to store...

Cryptocurrencies Worth Buying in UAE

When we talk about the cryptocurrency market in UAE, Bitcoin is the first thing that springs to mind. However, this is not the only cryptocurrency that you should be looking into in terms of investment options. In this post, we will tell you about cryptocurrencies that have a bright future...

How to Sell Ethereum in Dubai

Ethereum trading is anything but a piece of cake in Dubai. Like Bitcoin trading, it requires skill and patience to bear handsome rewards. You will need to sell Ethereum once you decide that it is the right time to let it go. This guide will explain how you can effectively...

Watchout! New Crypto Kids On The Block (Chain)- Aniko

Aniko is an exciting and compelling project about to hit the market. This project will leverage the power and exploding popularity of crypto technology to drive and deliver real benefits in the financial world. These benefits are not restricted to mass corporations or investors but will have a genuine benefit...

How to Avoid Losses When Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuates

Are you one of those unlucky crypto investors that bought Bitcoin in December 2017 at its all time high price of $20,000 and are now worried with the crash that’s reduced its price to $6000? You do not need to be worried. Do you know this is Bitcoin’s 314th death...

Rules for Trading Cryptocurrencies

The crypto fever has engulfed the entire Middle East. You must have read news about many commoners becoming millionaires via cryptocurrency trading. Investors have shared stories of how a mere trading capital of $200 has reaped profits of $20,000 in few weeks for them. With due consideration towards the return...

Why Should You Invest in Ripple?

Ripple’s price might have crashed several times in the past; still it holds a strong position in UAE’s cryptocurrency market. The solidity and stability of this coin helped it to remove Ethereum from its place at some point in its life and it became an altcoin with the highest market...

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 177.29 3.25%
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