Author: Khaled

4 Tips to Protect Cryptocurrencies from Hackers

The idea behind Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology was to develop a payment method that can provide quicker, easier and safer means of payment. As Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies appeared on the scene, massive influx of money poured into the cryptocurrency world and it became a billion dollar financial...

Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Apps

In our last blog, we talked about the best websites for portfolio management. These tools are great for desktop users. However, there is also a segment of cryptocurrency traders that that is always on the move and is dependent on their mobile phones for Internet-based activities. Hence, a cryptocurrency tracking...

3 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Websites

With more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies available, one of the most difficult dilemmas faced by a Middle Eastern crypto trader is keeping track of them all. Many people try to measure the profits and losses of their cryptocurrency investments manually, resulting in the loss of time. Many times inaccurate calculations often...

What Is Stellar and Why Should You Invest In Stellar?

When Satoshi Nakamoto announced Bitcoin in 2009, the main motivation behind the cryptocurrency was to replace the currencies that ran on traditional models and offer a peer-to-peer payment solution that can not only facilitate faster and secure transactions but also offer decentralization or the absence of a central monitoring authority....

Is Bitcoin mining still profitable in 2018?

Is there still a chance for me to reap profits through Bitcoin Mining in the current mining scenario? This is probably the most common question Dubai, UAE and in general Middle Eastern traders have these days when considering investing in Bitcoin and it is actually an important one. Bitcoin mining...

Which Cryptocurrency Platform is the Best?

With almost 1500 cryptocurrencies, traders in the crypto community may find understanding the concept behind each platform perplexing. Most cryptocurrencies comes into being in the crypto space as a solution to issues facing the world today that utilize Blockchain technology. Some aspire to be the go-to payment method for e-commerce...

What Is IOTA and the Technology Behind It?

IOTA is gaining popularity across Dubai UAE and rest of the Middle East so we decided it is now time for a good review. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are trying to revolutionize the world through Blockchain technology. Interestingly, there has been a leading cryptocurrency IOTA that is taking...

What Is Zcash and Why Zcash Is a Good Investment Opportunity

The key objective of cryptocurrencies was to provide transparency to individuals and businesses. However, not everyone is comfortable with so much openness. Some people require the need of privacy-based cryptocurrencies for transactions, a feature that is not provided by the traditional banks and financial institutions as well as other cryptocurrencies....

Best NEO Wallets

Have you decided to purchase NEO? If you have, then the next step you need to take is to engage an exchange and buy it. Due to cybercriminals targeting even the best cryptocurrency exchanges, it is risky to store your valuable NEO in an exchange. Fortunately, there are several excellent...

What Is VeChain?

Are you looking to invest in a promising cryptocurrency in UAE or KSA? Several cryptocurrencies have received considerable praise in the last few months and one of the leading cryptocurrency amongst them is VeChain. Problem Products are delivered to customers through complicated and ineffective supply chain processes. It goes from...

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